Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some belated holiday news, etc:

Back in October I posted about an ad campaign by The Bay that seemed to be directly referencing, though not acknowledging, a project by my friend Biliana Velkova. Though The Bay seems to have remained silent about this, Biliana did a window installation in Vancouver over the Christmas holidays that referenced The Bay:

A Breathless Christmas, window installation at Jeffrey Boone Gallery,1 East Cordova Street unit 140, Vancouver, BC
December 4-January 7

A Breathless Christmas is a project loosely based on the Hudson Bay's Christmas campaign. Typical holiday advertising creates the perfect illusion, whether is spending time with family, acquiring desired goods or achieving social expectation of what the holidays should be. A Breathless Christmas takes this concept and applies to a non-existent storefront, in a closed gallery. While the posters promise "the perfect gift" and "free delivery" they are just a fa├žade, there is nothing behind the advertisement and behind the glass. The project is a continuation of the artist's research of marketing, appropriation and authorship issues. As advertising campaigns are borrowing from art concepts more frequently, the line between them becomes blurred.

I think that's a good response by Biliana to that situation, not to mention a lovely photo of her with snowflakes.

And in semi-related news - also relating to issues of appropriation and originality - the Kenneth Goldsmith and Craig Leonard shows opened at Mercer last night and are really excellent. The Goldsmith talk (and his incredibly dapper suit) drew a big crowd, and both artists were there for the opening, which was one of those rare events where people were actually talking about the much to read/explore/think about, in both galleries, and a great free poster project/give-away by Leonard by the front desk. So don't miss it!

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