Thursday, January 29, 2009

Craig Leonard and the mystery surrounding Grapefruit

As part of Craig Leonard's excellent show at Mercer - which will be up until February 21st - he has produced a poster project give away about the band DNA. The project is specifically concerned with their song "Grapefruit", which, evidently, was "recorded at an unknown studio in Canada, date unknown".

So Leonard is taking it upon himself to solve this mystery. From his poster we can learn that he has so far found out that "Robin Crutchfield says this was Toronto around 1980...Ikue Mori says she can't remember at all. Tim Wright can't be located. John Hamilton from The Diodes thinks the studio could've been either Queen Street's Cottingham Sound or Accusonic. Freddy at Accudub (formerly Accusonic) has no memory of the band. Tommy Atom might've engineered the track at Cottingham Sound, but he hasn't been found yet...."

Leonard's poster serves as both a history of this mystery, and also a request for help in solving it, as it concludes "LET'S FIGURE THIS OUT! WRITE ME: C.L., 5383 WAVERLY TERR., HALIFAX, B3H 1J1"

I think there are still posters available in the gallery to be taken away, (they were on a plinth in a pile under a grapefruit last time I checked), but if you can't make it to the show and know anything about any of this, please do get in touch with Craig at the above address.

And there is a nice piece about this project here.

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