Monday, August 18, 2008

This Neck of the Woods/Knock on Woods

From today until August 23rd, Mercer Union is hosting Yvette Poorter's roving residency, Knock on Woods. (More information about the residency and closing reception are here.)

I first heard about this project through an earlier residency project of Yvette Poorter's called This Neck of the Woods, which the website describes as a "Dwelling for Intervals - an independent state, a sculpture, a series of collaborations, an international artist residency, a wilderness, a treehouse, a traveling circus, and a relative site/situation for temporary doing or undoing."

My favorite fun facts from this project's web site involve Poorter's various attempts to strengthen diplomatic ties between This Neck of the Woods, the Canadian Embassy in Rotterdam, and the Royal Family of the Netherlands. (From the website): In October 2006, she wrote to the Royal Palace to invite both the queen and princess to the official closing of This Neck of the Woods. She explained a bit about her family history and invited them to a presentation at Buro Dijkstra. Finally she explained that in December 2006 the land of This Neck of the Woods would officially revert to property of Her Majesty's Kingdom.

She invited the Queen to participate in this closing ceremony but admitted that she understood she was very busy. For this reason Poorter suggested that in lieu of coming in person and as a way to show her support for the project, that she might send me a photo of of herself winking or a piece of official Royal Palace stationary with an exclamation mark in the middle of the page.

The Queen's reply can be viewed here, in Dutch.

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