Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just In Case You Were Wondering What the Canadian Prime Minister Thinks About Holy Fuck

Toronto band Holy Fuck has recently been named by Stephen Harper's press secretary as one example of what drove the Conservative government to their severe arts funding cuts. Apparently the Conservatives see this band, which received funds to help with a 2007 tour, as an example of misplaced arts funding.

According to the CBC, the prime minister's press secretary, Kory Ten-nike, said "the [funding] choices made were inappropriate … because they were ideological in some cases, or the money was going to fringe arts groups that, in many cases, would be at best, unrepresentative, and at worst, offensive."

Evidently being shortlisted for a Polaris prize and nominated for a Juno award has no bearing on a band's "fringe" status.

More info on the band's reaction to this news, as well as their current tour dates, can be found on Pitchfork.

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