Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jen Hutton Opening!

Thursday night at 7pm Jen Hutton's new show will be opening at DeLeon White Gallery as part of LOCATIONS/miniature: New work by Jen Hutton and Mark MacKinnon, at 1139 College Street. Her site-specific installation will invert the logic of the large site-specific monument through her refiguring of an unexplained pink and blue landmass she found in her hometown. While Hutton's installation is anything but miniature, it looks close up at the microscopic level, recreating the sense of intimate place she felt at the original site.

I spent a few hours one afternoon a couple weeks ago helping Jen fold and assemble a few dozen of the thousands of waxed paper crystals that will make up this installation, and my inside scoop is that this show is sure to be both lovely and impressive, and definitely well worth your while.


Anonymous said...

This looks so lame.

CM said...

No need to speculate - you, anonymous, ARE lame. And a big jerk. You're a big lame Jerk.

nick said...

Hahaha, you're so predictable, anonymous. You're on every blog leaving lazy insults. Kerri, on the other hand, is posting gold on this blog. Good work, Kerri!

And I'm so glad that this huge, time consuming project has materialized. Good work, Jen!