Sunday, August 24, 2008

Harrell Fletcher: The Forbidden Zone

The next Kino05 screening will be The Forbidden Zone, this Tuesday evening, the 26th, at Camera Bar on Queen West. The Forbidden Zone is a video produced by Harrell Fletcher through a collaborative project with Chris Johanson, David Jarvey, Elizabeth Meyer and Alexis Van Hurkman.

David Jarvey, who has Downs Syndrome, identifies with a Captain Christopher Pike, a character from a Star Trek episode. Pike has been disabled and wants to go to the forbidden planet, Talos 4, where he can live with the illusion of being "normal" once again. As part of the installation Jarvey and Johanson were shot on a blue screen and imposed onto footage from the actual Star Trek episode.

Harrell Fletcher has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of socially engaged, interdisciplinary projects for over fifteen years. His work has been shown internationally including at the 2004 Whitney Biennial. Fletcher is a Professor of Art and Social Practice at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. In partnership with I.D.E.A Space at Colorado College, the Art Gallery of Mississauga has commissioned Harrell Fletcher to produce work for an exhibition in Mississauga in November 2009 and in Colorado Springs in 2010. Fletcher will also be doing a collaborative group project at the Power Plant this September.

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