Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And Speaking of Harrell Fletcher...

Dave recently told me that Harrell Fletcher was one of the nominees for the $25 000 Smithsonian American Art Museum Annual Contemporary Artist Award.

This got me thinking about Canada's Sobey Award, and the exhibition of this year's nominees that opens at the ROM tonight.

And this got me thinking about Doris Lessing's super rad and salty response to winning the Nobel Prize this year:

When reporters informed you that you had won the Nobel Prize last October, your first words were "Oh, Christ." Were you at all excited? No, I wasn't. If I may be catty, Sweden doesn't have anything else. There's not a great literary tradition, so they make the most of the Nobel.

The Nobel committee described you as the "epicist of the female experience." Do you agree with that? Well, they had to say something.

But do you agree with it? No. I can just see somebody sitting there thinking, "What the hell are we going to say about this one? She doesn't like being called a feminist so what'll we say?" So they scribbled that.

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