Friday, August 29, 2008

Acquainted with the Night

An open call for submissions coming to us through board member and VoCA Canadian art advocate Andrea Carson.

VoCA friend Liz Doyle is working on a documentary based on a Canadian non-fiction GG award nominated book, "Acquainted with the Night" by Christopher Dewdney. The film will explore our relationship with the night over the course of 12 hours- each hour representing a different theme.
They would like to explore the relationship between art and the night.

They are interested in finding out about artists with a unique relationship to the night or the dark: artists who work exclusively at night, artists who are inspired by the night- in general artists with some strong tie with the night hours.

Please email, saying that you heard about it through VoCA.

Thanks and good luck!

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Anonymous said...

why say it's from voca if i read about it on the mercer site?