Friday, July 4, 2008

the other night i went to my friend timothy's apartment to watch the fireworks. we live in the same highrise, but his balcony faces toward the CNE, ontario place, and wherever those fireworks were being launched from. Timothy said it was a barge, but i dunno. we were a few kilometers away, i'm not sure how he could know that. there is something kind of eerie about watching fireworks without hearing the music. i always assume these shows are choreographed to accompany songs like "winds of change" or "rock you like a hurricane." they play out in my head, yet the overall effect is still watching a movie with the sound muted. or rather partly can of course still hear the explosions a few seconds out of synch with the burst of light. that's a second layer of unsettling if you ask me. it reminds me of phoning my grandmother in calgary in the years when long distance was still expensive and crummy. there would be those intolerable seconds between my voice saying something, and the echo i would hear through the earpiece. phones are much faster now and i appreciate it. next time i watch fireworks, i plan to prearrange a phone link between myself and someone standing on the barge. he or she can hold the receiver toward the launcher tubes, and i shall listen on the other end to noises perfectly in synch with the eyecandy i'm taking in a few kilometers away.

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Timothy said...

'Cause you can see the barge in the daylight.