Thursday, July 17, 2008

box update

get ready for a doozy of a box update...
yesterday as i was driving down dufferin st, having run my errands in considerably less time than i had anticipated, it occurred to me that the extra time could be well-spent looking for cardboard boxes. i turned west onto Orfus road, (an eerie street that looks like a former industrial park converted into a strip of outlet stores) and drove to the loading docks in the rear. lo and behold there were green "cardboard only" recycling dumpsters as far as the eye could see. one in particular was filled to the top with beautiful, clean, sturdy, flattened boxes that were the perfect size for moving artist-run-centre things. it was astounding. if we had gone to a custom cardboardist for bespoke boxes, we would have described these to the letter. i was so grateful for my two dozen boxes, i wanted to send a gift basket to whatever weirdo clothing store threw them out. in fact, consider this an open letter: weirdo clothing store; i thank you on behalf of mercer union.

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