Thursday, June 26, 2008

a passing of the torch

What better way to begin this (or for that matter any) blog entry than with a photo of Dave Dyment, copied from the Nuit Blanche 2008 website, where one can find information about his upcoming "Zone C" curatorial projects.

Dave's contribution to this blog was immeasurable. From its inception, the blog was enriched and at times singlehandedly kept moving forward thanks to Dave's efforts. Whether his subject was elephant photographers, Turner Prize winners or things much closer to home, Dave could be counted on to make intelligent commentary on relevant things. We wish him all the best in all his current and upcoming projects.

I now realize that my subject line is misleading. This is not so much a passing of the torch as a spreading of the flame..
as of now, the 'Mercer Union Staff Blog' is officially the 'Mercer Union Staff AND BOARD blog.'
There are now about a dozen new people that will try to fill Dave's shoes, and bring you regular postings that paint a picture of who Mercer is as community of people with different interests and sensibilities. I only hope there is someone on the board who is qualified to blog about Brian Eno, as those postings would be missed most!

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Westcoast Walker said...

Dave is the wind beneath my wings.