Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tonight, tomorrow night

Opening tonight at 6pm and running until the 21st of June at MKG127: Some Dogs and Boats and Airplanes by Bill Burns, which includes a series of photographs, some watercolours and "possibly be the largest collection of dog and boat and airplane salt and pepper shakers of its kind in the world." For more information, visit www.mkg127.com.

Opening tomorrow night (the website doesn't say, but it's usually early) is Mushroom Studio by Katie Bethune-Leaman. "Mushroom Studio draws from many references, including California’s “programmatic” buildings, popular during the first half of the twentieth-century, wherein roadside diners and concessions were created in the shape of whimsical figures—restaurants shaped like puppies, creameries in the form of icebergs adorned with polar bears. This tradition continues with large-scale versions of mundane objects created as tourist attractions, including Vegreville, Alberta’s giant Easter egg, or Colborne, Ontario’s Big Apple bakery. Patently whimsical, there is also a melancholy to these structures and their builder’s efforts to create something mystical in their midst, hoping to beguile, amuse, and attract." For more info: http://www.torontosculpturegarden.com/currentexhibit.htm.

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