Thursday, May 8, 2008

1 Guy 1 Can

The 57 year-old man behind the internet sensation 2 Girls 1 Cup (in which a pair of women shit and puke in a cup and take turns eating it) is planning to defend himself against obscenity charges in the US by claiming he is a fine artist, and invoking the name of Piero Manzoni and Marcel Duchamp. Here's an excerpt:

What do you mean by "shock art films"?
You talk about art? What is art? Art is what artists do. If it shocks you, it's art. One of the things art should do is make you think and question things. Shock art has always been something that has been a very popular thing through the 20th century and the 21st century. People used feces as shock art. There was a guy who shit in a can and sold it for the price of gold. [In 1961, Italian conceptual artist Piero Manzoni canned his feces in 90 tins and sold them for the price of their weight in gold.] So, the Internet allowed me to be an artist, to reach a lot of people. It allowed me to be on the edge, to do what I would never do as a fine artist. If you're going to paint, you've got to compete with Picasso. If you want to write a great classical music piece, you're competing with Mozart. I would never write anything like Kafka's The Trial. If I was going to make a mark, I was going to do it in some extreme shock way.

2 Girls 1 Cup has been viewed by millions and a few months ago Youtube was flooded with 'response' videos, where viewers were secretly recorded watching the clip, recoiling in horror.

The full interview with Ira Isaacs is here.

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Westcoast Walker said...

It's amazing how the daily shit we are spoon fed through the "news" networks is somehow an acceptable form of excrement ingestion, and yet this piece of art is singled out as offensive.

Sure, I wouldn't want to watch it on regular basis myself, but at least it is real shit, acknowledged as such and not glossied over and pretending to be something else.

oops, my soap box just fell over...