Saturday, April 19, 2008

Record Store Day today

To celebrate International Record Store Day, here are three stores that still sell vinyl, all walking distance from Mercer Union:

Neurotica (642 Queen West) - Not as good since my friend Jim left, but still a good place to look for rare vinyl. They also carry CDs, DVDs and a small selection of music books.

Rotate This (620 Queen Street West) - Always in competition with Soundscapes for best indie-rock store in the city, Rotate often loses for the supposed rudeness of the staff. I've never personally encountered any animosity and Kevin is actually the cheeriest record store employee I've ever met (despite his brilliant Myspace page name - Kevin Knows I'm Miserable Now). Plus they have a large selection of new vinyl.

Babel Books and Music (123 Ossington Avenue) - As the name suggests, Babel sells vinyl, CDs, literature, art books, music books, poetry, etc. The owner is knowledgeable and has impeccable taste. The store is two doors down from MKG127 (Roula Partheniou's 100 Variations opens today from 1 - 5 pm) and a block north of TPW, who are showing two great videos by Artur Zmijewski.

Go buy some records and maybe bring a bouquet of flowers.

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