Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free CD singles

The Portland indie label Dark Beloved Cloud has just announced a pretty irresistible offer for their new singles subscription program. In order to get 6 monthly 3" CDs in the mail, you have to create 6 hand-made covers (3" x 3") and send them with your name and address to

Dark Beloved Cloud
P.O. Box 6371
Portland, OR 97228-6371

Your artwork becomes the cover graphic for another subscriber's discs, and yours will be delivered adorned with something crafted by a previous participant. I want the one that just reads 'William Shatner.'

The songs are exclusive to the singles and the first in the series consists of two Devo covers - one by Fat Day, and the other by Melt Banana. The label has also put out work by Jad Fair, Barbara Manning (who sings the amazing San Diego Zoo on the 6ths debut), Fly Ashtray and others.

For more information, click here.

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