Friday, April 18, 2008

Brian Eno, David Byrne

David Byrne announced recently that that the long-rumoured return to the studio with Brian Eno will result in a new album by years end, followed by a live tour. Their previous collaboration led to a trilogy of early Talking Heads records and the 1981 classic My Life in The Bush of Ghosts. This will be the first Eno/Byrne collaboration in over twenty years. Disputes over songwriting credits and the general feeling from the rest of the band that the pair were too close led to end of the Talking Heads/Eno collaboration. Bassist Tina Weymouth said "they were like 14 year old boys making an impression on each other".

Brian Eno rarely performs live and I can't recall the last time he toured. According to the booking agent, the set list will consist of at least 40% Talking Heads material.

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