Saturday, March 1, 2008

Two object periodicals

THE THING is a quarterly periodical in the form of an object. Each year, four artists, writers, musicians or filmmakers are invited by editors Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan to create an everyday object that somehow incorporates text. The object is reproduced, hand wrapped and mailed to the homes of the subscribers for $120 a year. The project began last year with Miranda July (pictured at left) and will also include Trisha Donnelly and Lucy Pullen.

The Brooklyn based North Drive Press was founded by Matt Keegan and Lizzy Lee in 2003 with the aim of producing a mobile group exhibition. The first issue, distributed in a brown vinyl sleeve, contained large double-sided posters featuring reproductions of works from emerging artists, a handful of loose multiples and a series of artist interviews. The subsequent three issues have been cardboard boxes containing more object-like multiples. Plans for future issues include 7” records, ready-mades, conceptual pieces, soap, photographs, etc. The issues include contributions from Dara Birnbaum, Matthew Brannon, AA Bronson, Matthew Higgs, James Welling, Erwin Wurm and many others.

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