Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Notwist Download

The Notwist released "Shrink", their breakthrough record, a decade ago this year. The album combined electronics with indie rock (and even some free-jazz) to create an entirely unique sound. One of the best records of that year, it is often cited as the album that influenced the guitar-rock-with-Autechre-like-bleeps&blips that Radiohead have been mining for the past few years.

The band started out as an almost grunge-metal act nearly twenty years ago in Weilheim, Germany and released their self-titled debut in 1990. "Nook" followed two years later but it wasn't until "12" in 1995 that their current sound began to evolve. The disk was coupled with a remix EP which was their first flirtation with electronics. "Shrink" followed in 1998 and four years later their New Order-esque "Neon Golden" brought them to the attention of the US indie scene.

Since then they have spent most of their time in side projects, which include Console, Tied & Tickled Trio, 13 & God, and Lali Puna.

The first Notwist song in six years is available today from Pitchfork at Titled "Good Lies", it is from the forthcoming full-length "The Devil, You + Me", due out later this year on Domino records.

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