Saturday, March 8, 2008

I've Got A Secret

"I've Got A Secret" may be the strangest game show ever to air on television. It premiered in June of 1952 and ran weekly for fifteen years. Guests included Ronald Reagan, Paul Newman and the recently deceased chess prodigy Bobby Fischer, when he was fourteen.

The episode where John Cage (!) performs has been making the rounds lately, and a 1963 episode with John Cale has just been posted to Youtube. A few years before performing with La Monte Young and co-founding the Velvet Underground, Cale performed alongside Cage, Christian Wolff and David Tudor at an 18 concert performance of Erik Satie's Vexations. As per the score, the short piano piece is performed 840 times consecutively. Cale then appeared on the game show with the secret that he was involved in the lengthy concert. He was joined by Karl Schenzer, whose secret was that he was the one audience member who made it thru the entire 18 hours. Cale is then asked by the host to play the piano - "Can you play the piece for us once , and we'll imagine the other 839 times."

Watch it here

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