Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dorothy Podber, RIP

Dorothy Podber, best known as a co-conspirator for Ray Johnson and for an intervention with a stack of Warhol paintings, died in her East Village apartment on February 9th, at the age of 74. Described in a Ray Johnson documentary as “.. the wildest, most way-out, extraordinary creature who ever walked the earth," Parker was an artist and helped run the Nonagon Gallery in Manhattan, a venue best known as the live venue where Charles Mingus recorded "Mingus in Wonderland" and for being the first US venue to show the work of Yoko Ono. Her moment of infamy comes from an autumn day in 1964 when she arrived at Andy Warhol's Factory wearing a black leather outfit and accompanied by her Great Dane. Warhol was busy but she told Billy Name that she wanted to shoot some pictures. He gave his consent, assuming she wanted to take some photographs, and Podber promptly pulled out a pistol and shot a stack of Marilyn Monroe silkscreens right between the eyes.

Warhol later told Name "‘Please make sure Dorothy doesn’t come over here anymore. She’s too scary."

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