Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mark Dion

Artist Mark Dion, whose exhibition Maquettes opened at Goodwater Gallery last Thursday, presented an excellent lecture at the ROM Friday night, as part of the Canadian Art Foundation International Lecture series (which in the past has presented talks by James Turrell, Greil Marcus, Diana Thater, Simon Starling and many others). Early on Dion identified himself as a 'museum fundamentalist', which he defined as being in opposition to desperate attempts by museums to upgrade and modernize. The lecture hall itself (complete with the rumblings of passing subway trains) is admittedly modest compared to the starchitecture of the main space, but the irony was not lost on the ICC director, who took to the stage after Dion to jokingly take exception to the remark.

Maquettes continues until February 23rd. For information on visit Goodwater.

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