Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kate Terry

Georgiana Uhlyarik's brochure essay on the work of Kate Terry, "From the invisible to the spectacular", is now online at www.mercerunion.org. For more information about Terry's work, please visit the artist's website www.kateterry.co.uk.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today in Gentrification

I was in attendance at the Active 18 Press Conference that was held today in response to decisions recently made concerning the development of Queen West by the Ontario Municipal Board. Commenting on these decisions were City Councillor Adam Giambrone of Ward 18 and Urban Planner Ken Greenberg.

The OMB's role in Toronto urban development apparently is not typical of provincial involvement in the rest of the country. Today, Greenberg described its process as "...fruitless gladitorial contest" as opposed to providing solutions for Torontonian communities that are conscious of their specific needs.

Today's conference shed light on a number of issues that concern the oft-discussed Queen West "triangle" that includes the now marked 48 Abell Street complex. There was already a funeral for that building, but I don't mind repeating that community involvement is key in any decision-making process, regardless of the predicted outcome.

Friday, January 5, 2007

soul windows

Okay, after Carolyn failed to produce signed photo releases from all of those audience members at the B.S. show, I took it upon myself to edit her image and save her from a potential lawsuit or something. I have obscured their eyes with dark bars to make them unrecognizable. In the case of those people viewed in profile, I have employed a dark square to obscure their one eye. if I had used a dark rectangle in those instances, the bar would probably have extended beyond the profiled head, possibly obscuring the ear or cheek of an adjacent person. Unnecessarily, of course. After all, nobody ever said: "the right cheek is the window to the soul." What a disturbing sight that would be; people packed together at a grimy twee show with, like, soul oozing out of their cheeks.

Totally unrelated: when I was in the video store the other night there was an eccentric woman standing around singing the theme from disney's Beauty and the Beast. Now I have it running through my head, and it is not how I pictured starting my 2007.

Thursday, January 4, 2007


Here also is my Top Ten of a bunch of things. These all fall under
the category of "2006" (and mostly Toronto-type things).

If you're in want of a better connection, keep in mind the Huckabees Blanket Theory.*

1) Burned Down Queen Street Bakery Photo Op
(Queen and Jameson)

Oh the sad tale of Bun King. I only say photo op because obviously something burning down isn't associated with anything that has to do with my favourite things. However, it did make for some interesting photographs, and the smoke on that day was spectacular. I also this is as good an opportunity as any to make sure we all remember what snow in Toronto looked like.*sigh*

2) Nuit Blanche Projects
Stand-outs for me included projects by Dean Baldwin, Instant Coffee + Fastwurms, and the general mayhem of Queen Street. Sadly, certain venues chose to make Queen Street look like club land. I think everybody can take heed that just about any street can look like the Richmond Strip with the right kind of dressing.

...having said that....

3) The Bohemiam Embarassment (Toronto)
It's so rare that I laugh and cry at the same time, especially as it relates to a video. Congratulations to the Fly Gallery installation. I love your clothes and your hat and your rose and your makeup.....

4) David Miller Re-Elected
I was working TIAF that evening pretty much non-stop. It's so nice to have some great news in the middle of a long effing day. If you have qualms about the present elected, consider the alternative.

5) Song dedication to Saddam (December 30th, 2006)
I don't mind admitting that I love a good dedication in the middle of an ass-shake. Whilst I was at a club, the DJ paused briefly to pay tribute by playing The Clash's , "Rock the Casbah" for the late Saddam Hussein on the day of his death.

6) Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola)
You filmed shoes. We loved you for it.

7) Joyland (Emily Schultz)
I can't stress this enough, it's a beauty of a book. Essential reading for anyone who's ever been in a smoke-filled arcade.

8) The Parlour of Twlight (Corwyn Lund and Simone Moire)
Part of the artist-designed room project at the Gladstone Hotel, this remains as one of my favourites. Those walking south on Northcote Ave are also treated to the neon window installation. I've heard it can be seen on a clear day from quite a distance. Impressive public project, indeed.

9) That Belle and Sebastian Show (crowd pictured in Montreal)

What can I say? I screamed like a girl and sang really loudly and really badly. They're still in top form and I still love them for it.

10) Michael Caines
Sadly, this artist's name is one consonant away from a famous actor, and the exact same as a Two Star Michelin Chef (whatever that means). At any rate, I'm still having a love affair with his work since I saw his drawings at Katharine Mulherin's it in late 2005. Call it end-of-year spillover, if you like.

*The theory may not be exclusive to that film, but who could resist an orgasm and a hammer potentially being connected?