Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Members Exhibition and Sale

The Mercer Union annual Members Exhibition (this year titled "Love / More Love") opened last week and continues until Thursday the 20th. On that evening all works from the exhibition will be available for sale for $100 each. It's a somewhat convoluted process, so here's how it will work:

You line-up before the doors open at 8. We recommend arriving at least 20 minutes early, but enthusiasts have been known to wait in line as long as an hour and a half. You will be given a number, butcher-shop style to determine your place in the que. We can usually accommodate the line-up inside the gallery (especially in this miserable weather), but we are very strict about maintaining one's place. You can't, for example, get your number and then take off for a cup of coffee. Bring a book, or better yet, a friend.

Once the 'doors open' visitors can have a drink and check out the show, deciding what work they would like to buy. There are works by over a fifty artists, including Dean Baldwin , Katie Bethune-Leamen, Diane Borsato, Krista Buecking, Michel de Broin, Anitra Hamilton, Kristan Horton, Jen Hutton, Instant Coffee, Kelly Jazvac, Corwyn Lund, Arnaud Maggs, Kelly Mark, John Massey, Olia Mishchenko, Janet Morton, Suzanne Nacha, Kerri Reid, Derek Sullivan and Zin Taylor. The show features photographs, paintings, drawings, bookworks, multiples, sculptures, even a couple of home-cooked meals. At a hundred bucks, it's all a steal.

There is also a raffle with work by The Royal Art Lodge, Paul Butler, Kenneth Goldsmith and George Bures Miller. Tickets are $2 or 3 for $5.00.

Between 8:30 and 9:00 the proceedings will begin. Misha Glouberman has MC'd in the past, but he is out of town so the MU Co-Directors will tag team the hosting this year. When your number is called you select the work you'd like to buy and are welcome to take it right off the walls. You can also come back for it the next day, or after January 3rd. If you wish to buy more than one work you can get back in line, or wait until the all the numbers have been called.

We accept Visa, cheques and cash.

(If you're a participating artist, see Aileen Burns for your free drink ticket).

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