Friday, December 14, 2007

Blake/Duncan Suicide

The current issue of Vanity Fair contains a lengthy story about the suicides of Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan this summer. It quotes Duncan as saying that she had information about Beck (who Blake designed an album cover for) wishing to leave Scientology, and that the information put her life at risk. Beck flatly denies it, downplays their relationship, and contradicts her story that he had agreed to appear in her forthcoming film.

The Playlist blogger yesterday unearthed an Italian interview with Beck from 2003 in which he describes a project that is almost certainly Duncan's, and states "We begin shooting this fall".

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Formerly Fooled said...

I do believe that Beck is lying about not being involved with Duncan's film. I also believe that Theresa Duncan killed herself because Blake's stepfather Arthur Delibert, having familiarity with Scientology in the courts, tried to dissuade Blake from pursuing the pending lawsuit.

Delibert's firm did pro bono work for an appeal on a decision about Scientology on behalf of The Cult Awareness Network, which lost, was forced into bankruptsy and then had it's trade mark name bought out by Scientology. So when callers call the " Cult Awareness Network" they get answers from scientologist staff members.

No one wants to sue Scientology if they can help it:
Church of Scientology: A Religious Mafia?
IMHO, This is what is behind Duncan's last post, a quote about
'the "need " to speak freely despite family', in her last post before she died.

Her Prince Charming was probably being talked into NOT filing the lawsuit he intended against Scientology and she became overwhelmed by defeat. Duncan is not the first person in a harassing situation with Scientology to commit suicide. Check out