Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Three shows opening this week

Three shows open in the city this week, all with artists affiliated with Mercer Union in one way or another:

Wynick/Tuck Gallery presents "One-second Hudson", a series of new paintings by Monica Tap. The show opens on Saturday November 24th and runs until the 22nd of December. For more information, visit www.wynicktuckgallery.ca.

The first curated group exhibition at the new MKG127 is titled "Pattern Theory" which features Adam David Brown and Kristiiana Lahde, Instant Coffee, An Te Liu, Joy Walker and others. The show also opens on the 24th, and closes on the 22nd of December. Visit www.mkg127.com for details.

Diaz Contemporary presents "Lightness" by Tania Kitchell and Kelly Jazvac's "Paper Towels and Hot Tub". The show opens on Thursday the 22nd, at 6pm, and runs until December 22nd. www.diazcontemporary.ca

Pictured: Tania Kitchell

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