Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thomas Brinkmann

Thomas Brinkmann is best known as the German producer of minimal techno music, but his experiments with the possibilities of the surface of the vinyl record place him alongside sound-artists Christian Marclay, Boyd Rice and Fluxus artist Milan Knizak. In the late nineties he gained wider recognition for his remixes of Mike Ink and Richie Hawtin (Plastikman, from Windsor, Ontario). These productions were made by modifying the vinyl and playing the disks on customized turntables with two tone-arms.

His own practice involves literally carving beats out of vinyl, using an xacto knife to create clicks and pops in the place of kick drums and hi-hats. Brinkmann overcomes the novelty factor of these techniques by employing an astonishing mathematical precision and conceptual rigor to his projects.

He performs tomorrow night at the Reverb, from 10pm to 6am. Tickets are $22.

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