Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shared Propulsion Car update

This morning Dean Baldwin and I met with legal services provider Terry Fox (who works at CAA) at the Old City Hall courthouse to appear before a judge, enter a not-guilty plea and set a date for trial. Baldwin was in the driver's seat of Michel de Broin's Shared Propulsion Car when it left the gallery and drove 9 blocks down Queen Street, before being pulled over by the Police and charged with "operating an unsafe vehicle."

By pleading not-guilty we will now go to court in the hopes of winning the right to drive the vehicle on public roads. The prosecution will have to prove that the car is dangerous, which we suspect will be difficult. In the last 50 years 200,000 Canadians have died in motor vehicle accidents. No pedal car deaths have been reported.

The trial date is set for April 3rd at 3pm. Seating in the courthouse is limited, but consider yourself invited. Shared Propulsion Car is on display at Mercer Union until December 8th.

Fox requested disclosure of the officer's notes, which we received and are reproduced below.


Anonymous said...

can we come to the court date?

Mercer Union said...

of course! the courtrooms are public anyway, but we welcome supporters, absolutely.

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