Tuesday, November 6, 2007

MIT vs Frank Gehry

A negligence suit against Frank Gehry, filed last week and reported today in the Boston Globe, claims that the architect "breached [his] duties by providing deficient design services and drawings." The Massachusetts Institute of Technology seeks unspecified damages, alleging that there are serious design flaws in their Stata Center, which was completed in 2004. The suit claims that there are persistent leaks, drainage problems and mold growing on the exterior. Additionally, dangerous accumulations of snow and ice have fallen from window boxes and other areas of its roofs, blocking emergency exits and causing damage.

An executive at Skanska, the construction company who built the Center, said that Gehry ignored warnings from Skanska and an outside consulting company.

Apparently Gehry's original designs for the new AGO building were similar to those for the Stata Center, but were nixed to appease community concerns over height.

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