Wednesday, November 7, 2007


A number of long-awaited records are slated for release in early 2008, including the sequel to Cat Power's 2000 disk "The Covers Record" and the first new Magnetic Fields record since 2004 (which is a long stretch for a songwriter as prolific as Stephen Merritt). But indie-rock's "Chinese Democracy" has got to My Bloody Valentine's follow-up to "Loveless", which was released sixteen years ago this week. After that record, the band left their label Creation, and signed with Island Records, but did not produce another recording. Various band members formed side-projects and guitarist Kevin Shields occasionally collaborated with other artists (Sugar, Dinosaur Jr, Primal Scream) and remixed a half-dozen songs by bands like Mogwai, Yo La Tengo, Lush and, uh, Bow Wow Wow - all fairly inauspicious for a band who produced what many consider to be the greatest record released last decade. Island reportedly pulled the plug after the band spent about a million dollars on recording without producing anything to show for it.

Earlier this year Shields hinted that a new record was in the works and that the band would "make another record... unless we die or something". It was then announced today that in an upcoming interview with Vice's "Soft Focus" he will confirm that an album will indeed be released, and before the end of this year! The as-yet-untitled recording will consist of material the band worked on in the mid-nineties, fleshed out with some new songs.

The band take their name from the 1981 low-budget horror film shot on location in Nova Scotia.

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