Monday, November 26, 2007

MBV, Kristin Hersh

The previously promised in 2007 new album by My Bloody Valentine (it’s first since the brilliant “Loveless” 16 years ago) will now be released early in ’08, according to new reports. A few live shows follow in the summer.

The band will use a similar model to Radiohead, who released their latest recording online first (followed by the nearly released vinyl versions and the early-next-year CD release). Unlike Radiohead, MBV will not allow fans to determine the price of the download.

Kristin Hersh, an early proponent of online distribution, has begun a new CASH (Coalition of Artists & Stake Holders) project today in which she will upload a demo version of a new song once a month, and leave out a virtual Tip Jar (“even Robert Johnson passed the hat”). Previous efforts included a Work In Progress subscription-based model, which began in 1998.

Radiohead often list Hersh’s band The Throwing Muses among their influences, maybe they found the idea there?


Westcoast Walker said...

British musician Tom Robinson is disenchanted with traditional online music distribution and has provided a number of albums for free on his website. His reasoning is summed up here;

"iTunes downloads cost 79p per track. Writer/publisher get 6p, Performer 6-8p, Visa/Mastercard 7p, Apple 12p, and Record Company almost 50p. Sod that. Help yourself to my songs & share them with your friends"

He makes a good point.

Westcoast Walker said...

I wonder if the new MBV will live up to the hype and excitement in the indie blogosphere.

I remember seeing MBV in concert when they were touring the Loveless album. My ears are still ringing.