Tuesday, November 6, 2007

In Rainbows

Statistics released today by ComScore indicate that only 38% of fans who downloaded Radiohead’s new pay-what-you-will album “In Rainbows” paid anything at all. Of those that did pay, 17% paid $4 or less, 6% paid between $4 and $8, 12% paid between $8.01 and $12 and 4% paid more than $12.

As a publicity stunt this was a stroke of genius, but as an alternative model for musicians it might not be as effective. Sure, the band did okay (roughly 3 million dollars in a month with the only overhead being the simple website and recording costs. Not to mention the $80 box set sales and money they’ll make touring) but if the practice were to become commonplace other artists wouldn’t benefit from the same type of press coverage afforded to this experiment.


Anonymous said...

You should check your sources. An obvious remark, but the stats are obviously in contention. Have a google and see. Thanks for the quickie, but I'm going back to the Lefsetz Letter, better papers (online and off), and the band's own observations on their release. Have I told you something you don't know? Better than a blurb in the Metro you picked up off the seat next to you this morning? Good. Perhaps we should now all ask ourselves who, or what, comScore is. Radiohead apparently has.

Mercer Union said...

At the time of posting, these figures were not yet in dispute. Also, as of this date, Radiohead have not released their own figures.