Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shared Propulsion Car

Contrary to the Highway Traffic Act, Section 84 (it says here, on the ticket) we took Michel de Broin's "Shared Propulsion Car" out for a drive today. Dean Baldwin drove, assisted by Elaine, myself and Dan Young, in the four-seater pedal-car. Michel, Jinhan Ko, Benny Zenga and others took photographs.

Cruising at speeds of up to, oh, 12 km per hour, we drove 9 blocks (from Lisgar to Strachan) before being pulled over by the police. We were left to wait for 30 minutes in the car while we suspect the cops tried to determine which exact law was broken. They settled on "operating an unsafe vehicle" and a tow-truck was called. A court date is set for November 21st.

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Matthew R Walker said...

Dave - you have the best job in the world!

Who would have thought that a zero-emission, Flintstonesque vehicle could be so controversial!