Monday, October 1, 2007

Ono Peace Tower

Last week Yoko Ono launched, in anticipation of the unveiling of her "Imagine Peace" tower in Reykjavik, Iceland next week, on October 9th. The tower is a giant beam of light that emits the words “Imagine Peace” in twenty-four languages, and it will be illuminated each year between October 9th and December 8th, John Lennon's birthday and the anniversary of his shooting in 1980. reported the story today, perpetuating their prefered view of Ono as rock widow by referring to the tower as a John Lennon memorial tower (it's a peace tower, dedicated to Lennon) and by calling it an idea that Lennon "dreamt up" in 1967 (he encouraged Ono to actually produce the work that she proposed as a conceptual piece).

Visitors to the site can leave wishes which will be stored in time capsules buried on the grounds of the tower.

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