Saturday, October 6, 2007

MySpace Bands

Now that Facebook has overtaken MySpace as the social forum of choice, maybe the latter can go back to doing what it does best - promoting bands. Here are a coupla songs that recently broke on the site that I find myself returning to:

"I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" by Jacksonville Florida five-piece The Black Kids has Cure-like vocals (maybe by way of The Rapture), Arcade-Fire exuberance, GoTeam shout-outs and a title Morrissey would have been proud of. Other influences include New Order, Magnetic Fields and Motown. The group started out a few years ago as Mata Hari but "nobody cared, so we changed our name and added girls". Available as a download, from:

Froggystein (an easier to Google name, something now crucial to success) from Berkeley California list Xiu Xiu and Raymond Carver as influences. Not sure how Carver figures in, but Xiu Xiu can be heard in the bursts of low-sample-rate abrasive noise that interrupt this otherwise sweet and accessible song, and the distorted vocals towards the end. Available as a stream from:

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