Sunday, October 7, 2007

Monet vs Nuit Blanche

Much talk following Toronto's Nuit Blanche last week has centred around disrespectful non-art audiences and their impact on artists' projects. During the Instant Coffee Slide show presentation the other night, for example, attendees heard stories of people scaling the walls of Swintak's luxury boutique dumpster hotel and jumping inside, on top of one another. Other stories testify to the fact that rowdiness was on the increase, though not to the extent that the Paris Nuit Blanche experienced last night. The city celebrated it's fifth annual event this weekend and early this morning a four-inch tear was punched into an invaluable Monet painting at the Orsay Museum. Culture Minister Christine Albanel announced that the painting ("Le Pont d'Argenteuil") could be restored, but she called the incident an attack on “our memory, our patrimony.” She also called for tougher penalties for vandalism of artworks, which appear on the rise. The apparently drunken intruders were caught on tape, but so far no arrests have been made.

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