Thursday, October 11, 2007

Art Vandals in Court

Five men have been apprehended in Paris in connection with the attack last weekend on a Monet painting at the Musée d'Orsay, during Nuit Blanche. The authorities will decide today whether the eighteen and nineteen year olds will be put before a tribunal immediately or whether their case requires further examination by a judge. The charges could include inflicting damage inside the museum and damaging a door to the museum.

Rindy Sam, a 30-year-old French artist, was also in court yesterday, facing charges of "voluntarily damaging a work of art." She kissed a Cy Twombly painting on July 19th, covering it in lipstick, which restorers have been unable to remove. Prosecutors want her to pay a $6,400 fine and take a class on good citizenship. The painting is owned by gallerist and publisher Yvon Lambert. He was asking for $2,878,000 in damages, which included the value of the painting and the $47,000 restoration cost.

Sam said she that she was overcome with passion, and that she believed the artist would have understood her gesture, calling it an act of love, not a crime.

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