Saturday, September 29, 2007


The Mercer Union submissions deadline is October 1st. As this date is a Monday, when we are closed, we will be accepting proposals as late as Tuesday October 2nd, at 5pm. We do not accept submissions beyond this date, and post-marked October 1st is not acceptable. Please note that all information must be digital, presented as a PDF file. No materials will be returned, please do note include SASEs. Further details are available at, under 'Submissions'.

As the ratio of exhibition slots to submissions is approximately 1 to 30, the review process is very rigourous, and can take up to 9 months.

Packages should be address to Dave Dyment, Director of Programming.

Our non-exhibition programming ("Platform") deadlines are ongoing and reviewed monthly. Please address these proposals to Elaine Gaito, Director of Outreach and Operations.

A call for proposals for Artists' Multiples is forthcoming.

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