Saturday, September 29, 2007

Q & A with Misha Glouberman re: Nuit Blanche

From Eye Weekly:

Misha Glouberman is a writer, artist, community activist and host of Trampoline Hall.

A brief but coherent description of what you've been planning: I'm going to get visitors into a vacant commercial space next to Mercer Union, where they will make sounds together, using their voices.

How are you going to stay up all night? I am a very late-night person by disposition. It's only through self-discipline and a desire to fit into society that I am ever in bed before 7am.

If you had to choose a theme song for your project, what would it be and why? Apparently someone recently recorded a full-length, highly accurate acoustic cover of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. That seems appropriate. Or maybe that kids' song about the song that never ends, that never ends.

What are the best-case and worst-case scenarios for your project? The entire project consists of sounds produced by the people who take part. There's nothing to the project except participation. So the worst case is that people don't show up and nothing happens. The best case, what I'm hoping for, is for people to have a genuine musical experience that's potentially surprising – to discover that this unlikely activity is a pleasurable thing to do, and to find something beautiful in groupings of sounds that might otherwise seem pointless or cacophonous.

From the Terrible Noises Facebook page:

Hello! Here are answers to questions, received and imagined, about Terrible Noises for Beautiful People: Nuit Blanche Edition.

* Where is it?
In a really nice cavernous vacant commercial space, right next door to Mercer Union: 35 Lisgar. Just south of Queen, just west of Dovercourt.

* When is it?
It runs all night, 7-7.

People will only be admitted at scheduled start times. These will probably be every half-hour- there will be posted schedule info at the event. Sessions will be around 20 minutes, but you only stay as long as you want to.

* When should I come
Come early in the evening! If only because it will make me happy.

* All night? How will you do this all night?
I will not. I will take a break from 1-3, during which time there will be an all-vocal performance of John Zorn’s Cobra by alumni of the Misha Glouberman School of Learning.

* Is it free?
Yes, of course.

* Will it be good?
Yes. Yes it will.

Mercer Union will also keep it's doors open for the "Instant Coffee: Nooks" exhibition. Please join us at both. For more information, please visit:

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