Friday, September 7, 2007

Mitch Robertson

With a title inspired by a line in the Pixies “Monkey Gone To Heaven” (I assume, anyway – “If man is five, then the devil is six, and if the devil is six then God is seven”) Mitch Robertson’s exhibition “5, 6, 7: Economies of Good and Evil” opens tomorrow at Oakville Galleries and runs until November 4th. Through a variety of media, including photographs, prints, rubbings, multiples and a modular church, Robertson investigates the connections between capitalism and religion. For example, the above Jesus statues painted in Pepsi colours (referencing Coca-Cola's make-over of Santa Clause, who was often illustrated as wearing a variety of colours, until Coke remade him in their own image).

A hardcover catalogue accompanies the traveling exhibition.

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