Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Installin' Instant Coffee

The Instant Coffee exhibition that opens at Mercer Union on Friday is a sculptural social environment with bass benches, cooler speakers, rolling afghan covered loungers and four kitchen nooks. The nooks arrived by truck today from Seattle, in crates weighing almost 5000 pounds. We called as many friends as we could think of who lived nearby (thanks Dean, Dustin, Frasier, Adam, Michael, etc.) but still couldn't possibly get them down from the truck. Our nice neighbours at United Foods offered their services with a forklift, which (while still difficult) proved much easier than trying to carry the crates like coffin pallbearers. After about a half-hour the 4 crates were inside the gallery but the powerful forklift found itself caught on the low curb outside. We had to call for another forklift to come and rescue it.

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