Monday, September 10, 2007

"As It Seems" at Susan Hobbs

Some of my favorite exhibitions at Susan Hobbs gallery have been the group shows curated by Pamela Meredtih. Her excellent 2001 show “Featherweight”, for example, featured Fiona Banner, Siobhan Liddell, Pae White, Corinne Carlson (who just recently exhibited at Mercer) and Meg Cranston (slated to show here early next year).

Her current show, “As It Seems”, opened last week and runs until the 20th of October. It takes the idea of “seeming to be” as it’s starting point, and features work by Krista Buecking, Victoria Haven, Axel Lieber and Roy McMakin, all interested in architecture and design.

The highlight for me (and judging by the notes in the sign-in book and the red dots, I’m not alone) is series of drawings of modernist icons of architecture, crumbling and in disrepair, by Krista Buecking. The charm of the works is that the drawings themselves look dilapidated also, almost like letraset misapplied.

Image: Alex Lieber


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