Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New David Shrigley LP

In 2005 David Shrigley released a book of song lyrics and drawings in the format of a gatefold LP, called “Worried Noodles (The Empty Sleeve)”. It was easier not to make the record, he noted.

Now, like a tribute to a non-album, Tomlab Records reports a 3 LP set (or double CD) of songs based on Worried Noodles will be released on October 23rd. Also titled “Worried Noodles”, the collection includes tracks by Liars, David Bryne, The Dirty Projectors, Trans Am, Toronto’s Final Fantasy, Grizzly Bear, Franz Ferdinand and Deerhoof (who earlier this year invited Shrigley to design the cover for their latest CD).

With almost 40 cuts it’s bound to be a little hit and miss, but if any of the tracks approach the charm of the few recordings Shrigley has done himself (like the very odd b-side to Novelle Vague’s Come On Eileen), it’ll be worth having.

Pictured: the original book, without music.

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