Friday, August 31, 2007

Loud is the New Quiet

If you like your electropop overlaid with sheets and sheets of distortion, check out A Place To Bury Strangers. Comparisons are being made to My Bloody Valentine (the wall o' noise), Jesus and Mary Chain (the distortion, the drum machines, the vocals) and Joy Division (mostly vocally). Listening to it now for the first time, I'm remembering pushing my way to the stage of the packed MBV Opera House gig, trying to see what their effect pedal set-up was.

Their just released debut is already makin' waves at Pitchfork and a slew of music blogs are also salivating over them (which might just be an indicator of just how much power Pitchfork wields in the indie scene).

Update Sept 4:
More on the influence of Pitchfork: four days after the flurry of blog accolades that followed the Pitchfork review, A Place To Bury Strangers has signed a recording contract with Chicago's Highwheel Records. They begin work on their full-up LP in December.

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