Sunday, August 26, 2007

Four new books I'm lookin' fwd to:

"Learning to Love You More" consists of written and visual responses to Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher's 'assignments' on their website of the same name. Available September 20th.

"Selected Standards" by Euan Macdonald is also out in September, though I can only find a French press release for it. The short description is "Free associations between jazz songs, drawings, and aerial photographs of LA" which sounds good enough for me.

"Martin Creed: Complete Works" is a title I've waited years for, given Creed's habit of numbering each of his works, making it difficult to sweep away a few bad early works when the time comes for a comprehensive catalogue raisonne. Before this title (apparently out the 1st of this month, but I haven't seen it yet) there were only two unsatisfying slim volumes available.

"George Maciunas: The Dream of Fluxus" by Thomas Kellein
Just picked this up today (thanks JH). I'm hoping it's a solid bio, unlike its main predecessor, Emmett William's "Mr Fluxus", which was billed as a "collective portrait" which meant anecdotes from a variety of sources were thrown together with no regard for the reader and, it would seem, no editing whatsoever. It was repetitive and lacking any real insight (worse still is his recent, posthumously published "A Flexible History of Fluxus Facts & Fictions"). The dustjacket blurb for "The Dream of Fluxus" promises "the funniest and saddest episode in 20th century art", which is quite possible with Maciunas as subject matter.

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