Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Upcoming Mercer Events

The stand-up will have to crouch and the bands may be cramped, but for the closing of the MiniBar at 37.5 Lisgar Street, Arturo P Handler presents a cabaret night of comedy, music, and possibly a tap dance act. Dean Baldwin will of course be on hand to mix drinks.
Friday July 27th at 9pm.

Two days later Dorit Chrysler (who the Village Voice dubbed “The Theremin Queen”) will perform a live set followed by a Theremin workshop. The following week she travels to Meaford Ontario to perform at the Electric Eclectic Festival (see below).
Sunday July 29th at 8pm

The following Friday Brian Joseph Davis releases his must-have CD compilation “The Definitive Host” which features his 2006 Mercer Union project “Yesterduh”, “Ten Banned Albums Burned, Then Played” and many other works. The event will feature performances by Davis and other acts.
Friday August 3rd, 9pm.

As always, admission to these events is free.

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