Thursday, April 26, 2007

Antihero Decor

If you drop by the CCL1 before April 26th you will be met with the dingy yellow glow of a streetlamp. The light cast by this familiar fixture strips the colour from everything in the room, including your skin. The streetlamp draws you into the world of Classic Film Noir through the creation of a black and white world, filled with creepy shadows that are so central to Noir aesthetics and narrative. The lamp also gives the gallery space the requisite nightmarish urban setting where gangsters and femmes fatales are known to linger.

Jon Sasaki’s exhibition Anithero Decor puts visitors into the position of a Film Noir protagonist. As you come upon each work you momentarily experience what it is like to be a character whose life spinning out of control. However, his works also calls attention to the cinematic techniques used to create this effect. It’s not like you’ve been dropped onto the set of a 1940s film, but more like you’re actually in the film and at the same time oddly privy to the film’s style, soundtrack, and narrative devices.

You can experience this drama and danger for yourself at the Centre for Culture and Leisure at 83 Elm Grove Unit 102 until April 26th. The gallery is open 1-5 Wednesday to Friday and Saturday 12-6.

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