Saturday, February 3, 2007

No Sweet Fires In The Streets

Winter City Betters....

...The New Pornographers Strike Again!

I just want our readers to appreciate what poor circulation I have. My legs once went numb from being the middle passenger in a canoe for 20 minutes. It was quite a while before I was able to step onto shore.

Keeping this in mind... I risked life and limb yet again to make certain I caught the free concert on the "Toronto Water Stage" at Nathan Phillips Square this past evening (February 2nd).

On probably one of the coldest nights of the season (I hope) there was an excellent turnout. And while I feel I have to mention that, yes, Neko was elsewhere, they still remained as solid as ever. This was an excellent gig, and I was happy to have it be one of my first this year . I've been slow to catch the 2007 shows in general... but this just reaffirmed my resolution to see more live music. I'm smelling a slot in my end-of-year top ten for band effort alone. I certainly can't do much without feeling in my hands, much less play a guitar. Evening standout: "Bones of An Idol"

Winter City Events

**Photo above courtesy of to look forward to summer days...**

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