Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today in Gentrification

I was in attendance at the Active 18 Press Conference that was held today in response to decisions recently made concerning the development of Queen West by the Ontario Municipal Board. Commenting on these decisions were City Councillor Adam Giambrone of Ward 18 and Urban Planner Ken Greenberg.

The OMB's role in Toronto urban development apparently is not typical of provincial involvement in the rest of the country. Today, Greenberg described its process as "...fruitless gladitorial contest" as opposed to providing solutions for Torontonian communities that are conscious of their specific needs.

Today's conference shed light on a number of issues that concern the oft-discussed Queen West "triangle" that includes the now marked 48 Abell Street complex. There was already a funeral for that building, but I don't mind repeating that community involvement is key in any decision-making process, regardless of the predicted outcome.

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