Friday, January 5, 2007

soul windows

Okay, after Carolyn failed to produce signed photo releases from all of those audience members at the B.S. show, I took it upon myself to edit her image and save her from a potential lawsuit or something. I have obscured their eyes with dark bars to make them unrecognizable. In the case of those people viewed in profile, I have employed a dark square to obscure their one eye. if I had used a dark rectangle in those instances, the bar would probably have extended beyond the profiled head, possibly obscuring the ear or cheek of an adjacent person. Unnecessarily, of course. After all, nobody ever said: "the right cheek is the window to the soul." What a disturbing sight that would be; people packed together at a grimy twee show with, like, soul oozing out of their cheeks.

Totally unrelated: when I was in the video store the other night there was an eccentric woman standing around singing the theme from disney's Beauty and the Beast. Now I have it running through my head, and it is not how I pictured starting my 2007.

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