Thursday, December 21, 2006

I can't resist the obligatory 'blog' year-end music round up, but I'll limit myself to five picks, all of which are covers:

5. "Waking Up To Us" Bob Corn. I have no idea who Corn is (and web searches aren't very helpful) but this version of Belle and Sebastian's 2001 single betters the original, which was the first B&S song to break their run of excellent non-album singles like "Legal Man" and "This is Just A Modern Rock Song."

4. "Heartbeats" José González. This almost certainly pre-dates 2006 but I've just rediscovered Gonzalez' version of "Heartbeats", written by fellow Swedes The Knife. His own songs pale a little in comparison but between this and his version of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" he shows an uncanny ability to wrench a song out from under it's electro-pop trappings (and without sounding like Frente).

3. "By This River" Console. Early Eno songs have aged well and good covers of them are scarce, but this succeeds somehow. Console, as a side-project, serves as a good stop-gap in-between Notwist records and the album, Mono, also includes a decent version of Sonic Youth's "Starpower".

2. "No Cars Go" TAM. A stripped down Arcade Fire cover that adds fuel to the rumours that the Montreal singer tried to break up the Butlers.

1. "The Orchids" Califone. Califone's trademark sound (a kind of junkyard folk that could have been recorded 50 years in the past or 50 years in the future) is perfectly suited for this 'unearthed' Psychic TV gem. One of my favorite covers, ever.

Happy '07.

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